Martin Yeo -- Personal Chef and Culinary Instructor

Learn, cook and taste. Its as simple as that. This is what Chef Martin tells his clients when he teaches. His finesse not only makes the learning journey a unique one but he does so with such passion, sharing the scent of fresh ingredients, the beauty and techniques of creating any simple but truly wonderful recipes.


Having spent 10 years in Europe, he is well versed in a large selection of European dishes and also adding a twist in flavor to some of them. He has worked in a variety of establishments from 3 Michelin star restaurants to 5 star hotels all around the European region. He not only cooks but also designs and consults for commercials restaurants and home kitchens.

He believes in showing people not only how to cook but also the finer points of being able to mix and match different styles and cuisines.


“ Cooking is similar to music. There are countless ways to mix and match it to make it your very own culinary masterpiece.” -- Chef Martin Yeo

Culinary Instructor


  • Culinary Lessons
  • Food Tours
  • Catering
  • Domestic/Commercial Kitchen Design and Consultancy


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