Martin was kind enough to agree to give our family private culinary classes at home. We needed to have the home lessons as we wanted to ensure that we could use the new skills and recipes in the context of our pre-existing kitchen and appliances. He conducted a series of 5 classes for us, where he taught how to create more innovative Western dishes, but based on our taste palate.


As we have to prepare recipes for family members who have issues with diabetes, cholesterol and gout, Martin was able to modify recipes which would meet those dietary restrictions and still be extremely tasty. Not only did we learn new recipes and new skills in the kitchen, we also learned how we could adapt existing favourite recipes to meet the diet requirements.


Stefanie Yuen Thio

During his tenure here with both NCL Food Corporation and L&A Resort and Restaurants, Martin was responsible for reorganizing our kitchens. He also taught and introduced new food items to our existing kitchen staff and also accepted to hold a seminar in front of some Hotel and Restaurant Management students.


Martin had no problems working with our kitchen staff despite some language barriers. He was able to establish an excellent rapport with our employees and also most of our clients. He also proved that he was very knowledgeable in his field by holding a seminar. Martin highlighted the crucial aspects about what it is like to work in a kitchen and was able to convey this to the students in a very casual but professional manner. Martin would be an asset to any employer and I recommend him for any endeavor he chooses to pursue.


Carlo Lizada Aguilar

Gen. Manager of NCL Food Corporation and L&A Resort and Restaurants

We have known Martin for two years after being introduced by a friend. We learnt of Martin`s background as a chef in Germany and convinced him to cook for us one evening. The meal was a thorough delight and since that first night we have employed Martin to design a menu and cook for several dinner parties we have hosted. Each was a raging success with delicious and innovative Asian-European flavours. We have no hesitation in recommending Martin Yeo.


Michael & Sharon Wyer